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Football star’s link to timeshare ´mis-selling`

David Brown from The Times published a great article last week about famous footballers Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville commenting on their connection to a Maltese timeshare resort who are in the spotlight for mis-selling timeshares and related loan agreements brokered by unregulated introducers. M1 Legal were also mentioned being the lawyers that instigated the investigation on behalf of many Azure clients that they represent.

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Below is a copy of the page as printed in The Times on Thursday February 21st 2019.

This story has received huge interest and as previously commented by one of our lawyers Adriana Stoyanova: “this could be the next financial scandal.”

Bank Reclaims has been set up to help those trapped in non-cancellable loan contracts.

Bank Reclaims is a new division of the law firm Maxima 1 Legal S.L. (M1 Legal) to help what could be thousands of consumers who may have fallen foul of financial institutions when taking out loans.

Bank Reclaims has the full weight of the M1 Legal team – which is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims under registration number CRM44126.

Their aim is to help thousands of ordinary people caught up in this latest battle with the banks after unwittingly being taken advantage of when taking out mis-sold loans which in many cases were arranged by unregulated credit brokers. In addition under the Credit Consumer Act 1974, when misrepresented products were paid fully or partly by credit card, the full amount of the purchase price can be claimed from the credit card company together with interest.

Lawyer Adriana Stoyanova of M1 Legal states: “Since the boom in personal spending, the banks have been at the forefront in providing finance for consumer purchases. Very often the products were not as described.

“There are hundreds of thousands of mis-sold loans for a variety of products across many sectors other than PPI such as cars, boats, double glazing, solar panels, timeshare, fractional ownership, holiday clubs and more whether purchased at home or abroad.”

In the past decade British banks have paid out £71billion for misconduct including £44billion (recently updated) in pay-outs in respect of the PPI scandal alone. That could mean individuals receiving thousands of pounds in compensation pay-outs in this next phase of bank misconduct which could make PPI look like pocket change.

THE £71billion compensation payouts for misconduct by British Banks could be just the tip of the iceberg according to newly launched legal support specialist Bank Reclaims. is a trading name of Maxima 1 Legal S.L. which is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims under registration number CRM44126.

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